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By | February 16, 2020
Best Weight Loss Tips

Reduce weight as summer approaches, many people wonder: How to Reduce weight quickly ? Is that your case too? In this article we explain the diet to adopt for rapid weight loss and how quickly healthy and sustainable weight loss can occur. You will see, the metabolism plays a crucial role.

Reduce weight quickly and healthily

Count your calories

How can I Reduce weight quickly? – The answer to this question is not simple, but the most effective and certain way to Reduce weight quickly and definitively is quite clear: make sure you consume 300 to 500 calories less than what you need each day. This involves two things: you need to know what you eat each day and how many calories it represents.

Tip: In our article “Low-calorie foods” , you will find lots of useful information on the energy value of foods and how to calculate your intakes!

Say goodbye to diets

You want to not only Reduce weight quickly, but also enjoy your new shape afterwards, without gaining back the weight lost immediately afterwards. First, take a look at your weak points :

  • What is the composition of your diet so far?
  • Is the food balance between different foods reasonable or are carbohydrates and fats predominant?
  • What foods do you regularly eat?
  • What foods can you not imagine not eating in the future?

After figuring out

what’s wrong with your diet, you can start thinking about how you can improve it:

  • What are the healthier and less caloric alternatives to your little pleasures?
  • How much time do you have each day to cook and what efforts can you make?
  • How do you manage meals outside?
  • How will you cover your protein needs? (see below) ?

Sport and physical activity

Losing weight quickly is only possible with sports or at least. Indeed, if you are barely moving, you do not need a lot of energy and therefore you cannot have a fast metabolism.

Fat is nothing but an energy reserve that we want to reduce. Sorry for people who can’t even pronounce the word “sport”:reducing weight without doing physical activity is almost impossible.

There are usually two approaches toreducing weight quickly through sport . The first is to do longer endurance sessions of low to medium intensity (about 60% of your maximum heart rate), because fat cells need more oxygen than carbohydrates.

With increased effort, especially for less trained endurance athletes, the need for oxygen increases and the energy is mainly covered by glycogen, i.e. carbohydrate stores.

As the body uses more fat as the duration of the effort increases, medium intensity workouts should last at least 45 minutes.

Opposite approach also exists

However, the completely opposite approach also exists: very intense but short-term training sessions .

Here, a large part of the energy comes from carbohydrate stores and only a relatively small part from fat cells. But as a lot of energy is consumed during this period, the fat cells are still in demand. A training method that is based entirely on this principle is HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

Generally speaking, it’s hard to say which of the two approaches the quickest. In general, both have their pros and cons: for example, long, low-intensity workouts take longer, but they don’t drain you as much as HIIT.

We must not think too much about the most effective way, but rather start directly by playing sports, regardless of the type of sport . If you really want to Reduce weight fast, you need to exercise as much as you can: Go for a walk, take the stairs, ride a bike, and do housework and gardening.

Besides, health and sports experts agree that bodybuilding is at least as effective as endurance in burning calories , maintaining weight and activating metabolism. So let’s move on to dumbbells and machines!

Diet aid to start easily

There are situations in life where you have to Reduce weight very quickly. Such a situation would be, for example, an imminent marriage, where one wishes to be slim and slender. After all, you will be watching the photos and videos of this event over and over again throughout your life.

In such situations, a meal replacement diet in the form of a shaker is a simple and effective method, since it ensures rapid weight loss without having to starve and withoutreducing muscle mass. And if you approach it the right way, you won’t have to go through the yo-yo effect (see below).

There are different suppliers of powdered meal replacement products such as BEAVITA . Even if the shakers differ in their composition, they all have in common: they are very rich in protein and their composition is such that they can replace a full meal. An optimal nutritional composition guarantees the body a supply of everything it needs despite the calorie deficit.

If you follow the recommendations and only slowly stop meal replacement, you will have a perfect sustainable diet that will allow you to Reduce weight as quickly.

10 Tips to Reduce weight fast

We now offer 10 tips that can help boost your metabolism, control your calorie intake and increase your calorie expenditure so you can Reduce weight as quickly as possible:

  1. Sleep a lot
  2. Eat regularly
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. coffee or green tea
  5. Drink a lot of water
  6. little alcohol
  7. Eat foods high in protein and fiber
  8. Avoid sugar
  9. Eat hot
  10. Practice strength and endurance exercises

Losing weight fast – a problem?

It is actually more than normal to want to Reduce weight quickly:reducing weight is not a pleasure and can be nerve-wracking, so it’s best to end it quickly. However, this attitude often leads to failure and subsequent weight gain.

If you want to Reduce weight as quickly as possible without disrupting your daily diet too much, you will hardly be able to stay slim permanently. You will probably lose a few pounds but you will gain them easily later because your body will remember this period of intense restriction. It is therefore useful to take a little time to analyze the different aspects of the diets to know where the limits of fast and lasting weight loss lie .

Fast but how far?

If you surf on Internet forums or look at women’s magazines , you will find unrealistic tips like “lose 5 pounds in 1 week”, “1kg per day”.

The fact that we cannot lose a kilo of fat per day is simply explained by the biochemical nature of our organism. 1pound of body fat is nothing but about 7kcalories stored . In other words, the only way to lose a pound of body fat is to burn 7k calories more than what you consume. And it certainly does not happen overnight.

Why are the figures on the scale wrong?

If you are starting a diet, you may very well lose a pound a day at first. However, this weight loss is not due to the loss of fat, but rather to the loss of excess water, an empty intestine and after a few days of fasting the loss of muscle mass.

In addition, Why do these phenomena take place? Because dieting reduces on the one hand the amount of food consumed (stomach and intestines relatively empty) and on the other hand also reduces carbohydrate intake. The carbohydrate reserves available are therefore quickly used by the liver and muscles. Furthermore, the water that bound this glycogen is also lost.

As a result, not only does the weight decrease, but some parts of the body deflate and give the impression of weight loss. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. As soon as you consume carbohydrates again, your stomach and intestines fill up and glycogen stores are replenished, which also helps to fix water again. The weight goes up again.

Reduce weight too quickly

Similarly, anyone on an extreme diet with an extremely low calorie intake for several days / weeks will Reduce weight. However, the body has to find its energy somewhere.

If you last long enough, you can Reduce weight very quickly. People who eat very little for a few weeks, or who cannot eat due to illness, become thin or even lean. But the organism is not in good health and even on alert. This radical fasting method is by no means recommended . Indeed, there are risks of extreme fatigue, concentration problems, loss of muscle mass and yo-yo effect (see below).

The yoyo effect

The yoyo effect is mainly linked to the breakdown of muscle mass . The muscles consume energy, even if they are not working and are at rest. The more muscle a person has, the higher their basal metabolism. And the higher his basal metabolism, the more energy he needs. In other words: the more he can eat.

This therefore also reduces his basal metabolism, so that the organsim needs less energy, that is to say food, after the diet than before the diet.
Most people ignore this information. Thus, many people quickly resume their old eating habits after a diet that allowed them to quickly Reduce weight. Their daily caloric intake is therefore far too high for their new, thinner and less muscular body. After that, As a result, they quickly gain weight.

In conclusion, reducing weight so quickly is not a good solution because you will lose most of your muscles and the yo-yo effect has practically reserved you in advance.

You reduce weight quickly and healthily

But how to Reduce weight quickly without the yo-yo effect and without reducing its performance? It is possible to answer them very clearly:

To Reduce weight permanently, without significant muscle loss and without food compulsions thereafter, you must maintain a daily calorie deficit of 300 to 500 kcal maximum. Since one kilogram of body fat represents 7,000 kcal that must be burned in other words we can calculate the rate at which we can Reduce weight:

  • With a calorie deficit of 300 kcal per day , it takes about 23 days to lose a kilo of fat. This represents a loss of around 300g per week .
  • With a calorie deficit of 500 kcal per day , it takes you around 14 days to lose a kilo of fat. In other words his represents a loss of around 500g per week .

In conclusion

Each body works differently and the caloric estimates can never be determined with precision.

If you think that with these figures we cannot speak of “rapid weight loss”, then calculate the weight loss over a year! We can estimate an annual weight loss of around 16 to 26 pounds. These are spectacular figures! And you don’t have to be hungry or expect a yo-yo effect.

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