5 Naughty Adult Jokes Hidden in Classic Kids Movies

1. The Grinch – Where do babies come from

Reddit user Herp-de-Herp reminds us that when innocent Cindy Lou Who asks the Grinch’s two aunts where babies come from, “one of the men in that scene sees the baby and yells […] “Hey Honey, our baby’s here!” and then mutters “He looks just like your boss….””

2. Car – Flashing lights

In the world of Cars, stock car Lightning McQueen is a big shot. He’s driven to win, and tends to accomplish whatever goals he sets, including winning prestigious competitions.

3. Ratatouille – Spit or swallow

This is the conundrum that plagues famed food critic Anton Ego. Ego, who is a man of rare and refined tastes, refuses to ingest any food that is beneath his palette.

4. Ratatouille – Vegetables

Another naughty moment in Ratatouille comes when Linguine has a breakdown over using a rat to cook in one of France’s poshest kitchens.

When he goes to the refrigerator to cool off, he is followed by the suspicious Chef Skinner, who asks him what he’s doing. Linguine replies he’s familiarizing himself with the vegetables, to which Skinner gifts him this immortal repartee:

“One can get TOO familiar with vegetables, you know! “


5. Ratatouille – Little friend

Honestly Ratatouille is a little treasure trove of obscenities for adults to spot. Another classic moment comes when Linguine is overcome with the guilt of lying to his love interest Colette, and tries to come clean to her.

What Linguine wants to say is that he has a tiny little rat that tells him what to do. What he ends up saying instead is that he has a “tiny little…”

Cue Colette glancing horrified at his nether regions.

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